Ruins of Cambuskenneth Abbey

The name Cowie comes from the Gaelic word Collaidh, meaning wooded place.

Cowie (or Cowy) is a village of 2,700 people, four miles south-east of Stirling, Scotland. The original Barony lands were between Cowie and Stirling, starting just north of the town of Bannockburn, running along the present day A91 and then East to Cowie. Our family still holds some of the original Barony lands.

The Barony of Cowie was created in the early 12th century by King David I, and granted to Cambuskenneth Abbey. In 1563, the Barony was granted to John, Lord Erskine, who became the first Baron.

Scottish nobility is divided into two groups. The first are Peers, including Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount and Lord of Parliament. The second are Minor Nobles, including Baron and Baronet.


The Barony was granted to John, 6th Lord Erskine, in 1563.

Current Baron

Professor Alan Robert Dennis is Baron of Cowie.

Coat of Arms

The Baron’s Coat of Arms.